To celebrate the release of Kloss and Bruce’s newest book Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease, the Upstate Medical University Library graciously gave Dr. Kloss the space to display a whole art show! Dr. Kloss showed off some of his favorite pieces to students, employees, and faculty of the university. From the turn out, the students loved it! Here Dr. Kloss (in blue) is with Emergency Medicine faculty and employees from Upstate who came out to celebrate with him.

On September 24th, Upstate and the public were invited for a pizza party! Dr. Kloss was there to talk about his work and autograph books! As the students came streaming in, there were multiple door raffle winners. Congratulations to these 3!

But for students who couldn’t make it out for the party, they had another way to win a free copy! With a 16 question “pop culture trivia contest” related to the art on display, students had 2 weeks to try their best to correctly identify references that Dr. Kloss uses as a mnemonic devices. Students could use any resources at their disposal (yes, including The Google), but that didn’t make it easy! Dr. Kloss is happy to announce there were 3 winners! Congratulations! Hopefully we have some pictures of them soon. Stay tuned for more adventures from Dr. Kloss!