Kloss & Bruce http://klossandbruce.com Medical Education Comics & Illustration Wed, 06 Mar 2019 01:55:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.0.4 Spanish-Speaking Fans Rejoice! Translation Coming September 2019 http://klossandbruce.com/spanish-speaking-fans-rejoice/ Wed, 06 Mar 2019 01:49:30 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=943 Dr. Kloss is happy to announce that Elsevier will be translating Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease into Spanish this coming September. But that hasn’t stopped one amazing fan in Chile from reading and enjoying the book. Big shout out to our friend Pavan, a medical student in Santiago!

Here’s what soon-to-be Dr. Dadlani has to say:

Name: Pavan Dadlani.
Medical School: Universidad San Sebastián in Santiago de Chile.
Personal Info: I’m currently a sixth year medical student in a seven year program in Chile.

Comments on the Book: “The Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease by Dr. Kloss & Dr. Bruce is a must have. I’ve seen myself recalling the different drawings in my head, while being asked questions during clinical rounds, and because of this book, I’ve been able to answer them. Medical school is filled with a huge amount of information that one has to learn quick and in a short time, so this book is perfect to visualize infectious diseases, instead of trying to recall text. Another plus about this book is that each comic comes with a summary text box that aids in the understanding of the drawing.

I would definitely recommend this book to any Health Care Student and Practitioner, its the perfect aid for your everyday work, specially if you prefer learning through visualization than just reading long texts.”

If you are a medical, nursing, etc student, please ask your library about obtaining a copy for everyone to enjoy! Pavan, thanks so much for spreading the word. Please enjoy these pictures of our newest fans enjoying the book and sharing the love!

Health Corps Haiti 2018 http://klossandbruce.com/health-corps-haiti-2018/ Sat, 05 Jan 2019 16:46:18 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=939 Dr. Kloss is shortly off to another of his international trips, but today he wanted to share with you about one of the medical mission trips he takes annually to Haiti. Below is a video where you can learn more about Health Corps Haiti. The major focus of these trips is to provide medical check ups, prescriptions, and even referrals 4 times a year–and therefore long term care to the people in need in Verrettes, Haiti.

Health Corps Haiti – 2018 Fundraiser from hans fjellestad on Vimeo.

You can also learn more about these trips at this previous post.

Top of the World http://klossandbruce.com/top-of-the-world/ Sat, 08 Dec 2018 18:33:27 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=930 Dr. Kloss trained long, and trained hard, and crossed another destination off his bucket list! He and his friends send their best from the summit of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania!  

Dr Kloss at the summit with glacier behind him
Work hard, play hard.

Book Show and Contest http://klossandbruce.com/book-show-and-contest/ Sun, 04 Nov 2018 22:14:15 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=915 To celebrate the release of Kloss and Bruce’s newest book Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease, the Upstate Medical University Library graciously gave Dr. Kloss the space to display a whole art show! Dr. Kloss showed off some of his favorite pieces to students, employees, and faculty of the university. From the turn out, the students loved it! Here Dr. Kloss (in blue) is with Emergency Medicine faculty and employees from Upstate who came out to celebrate with him.

On September 24th, Upstate and the public were invited for a pizza party! Dr. Kloss was there to talk about his work and autograph books! As the students came streaming in, there were multiple door raffle winners. Congratulations to these 3!

But for students who couldn’t make it out for the party, they had another way to win a free copy! With a 16 question “pop culture trivia contest” related to the art on display, students had 2 weeks to try their best to correctly identify references that Dr. Kloss uses as a mnemonic devices. Students could use any resources at their disposal (yes, including The Google), but that didn’t make it easy! Dr. Kloss is happy to announce there were 3 winners! Congratulations! Hopefully we have some pictures of them soon. Stay tuned for more adventures from Dr. Kloss!

Patricia Schlagenhauf for Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease http://klossandbruce.com/patricia-schlagenhauf-for-travel-medicine-and-infectious-disease/ Sat, 06 Oct 2018 14:47:15 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=907 We have a new review from Patricia Schlagenhauf, written for Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease! Thank you Dr. Schlagenhauf! You can also click here to read the review at a larger size.

Patricia Schlagenhauf
University of Zürich, WHO Collaborating Centre for Travellers’ Health,
E-mail address: Patricia.schlagenhauf@uzh.ch

R. Crumb http://klossandbruce.com/r-crumb-2/ Tue, 18 Sep 2018 01:22:32 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=894 We received a special postcard review from cartoonist R. Crumb! See it in its full glory below!

Dr. Mike Cadogan http://klossandbruce.com/dr-mike-cadogan/ Tue, 18 Sep 2018 00:45:03 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=892

Review originally posted on Life in the Fast Lane. Read it there for original formatting!


LITFL Book Review: Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

From the creators of Toxicology in a Box comes a Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease.

The latest collaboration between an emergency physician (Brian Kloss) and a graphic artist (Travis Bruce), the book to be published in 2019 is an easy to digest quick-reference guide to common infectious diseases. Drawing on a comic cast including cameos from ZDoggMD, a version of Mike Cadogan you can play knifey-spoony with… and Motezuma himself.

The book illustrates symptoms, risk-factors and throws shade at restaurant chains (past and present) associated with each infection


Kloss and Bruce have lived up to their hope of creating a book that is “real medical education with comic book-style illustrations to create beautiful artistic images that enhance learning”. Presented over two-page spreads it discusses each infection in an easy to digest fact-sheet-style summary, with a comic book-style illustration of symptoms, risk-factors, and interesting facts on the next page.

At first appearance this book appears to be light-hearted medical satire, or a book aimed at a younger audience, but it is in fact a fantastic reference guide to infectious diseases, summarizing the salient points of each infection in an easy to assimilate format.


Chapters: Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease

What I liked

  • Easy to follow book, great summary of the relevant clinical features of each infection.
  • Cartoons were comical with depictions of bodily fluids reminiscent of Ren and Stimpy.
  • Presents symptoms described in text with a comical presentation.
  • Acknowledges the development of new treatments to hepatitis C and emerging resistance, encouraging doctors to check more up-to-date sources.

Things to consider

Various sections were written by different authors and some sections suffer from inconsistent terminology (PCR, polymerase chain reaction and nucleic-acid amplification for instance).


  • A fantastic reference guide to infectious diseases for visual learners. It covers a wide breadth of infectious diseases in an entertaining and informative manner.
  • The book acknowledges fast-changing nature of treatment for several conditions (whether due to technological change, or emerging resistance) and encourages doctors to check the current state of play.
  • Reading Kloss’ and Bruce’s work was a fantastic re-fresher in clinical infectious diseases.
  • The comical delivery style makes it an engaging learning-resource for students, and the cartoons are excellent lecture slide fodder (when covered by fair use clauses or the express written consent of the authors).
Doody Reviews the Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease http://klossandbruce.com/doody-reviews-the-graphic-guide-to-infectious-disease/ Tue, 14 Aug 2018 14:26:48 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=884 Doody Enterprises Expert Reviewer John S Czachor, MD (Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine) took the time to give our new a book a review! Here’s what he had to say:

Description: This book combines humorous graphic artwork with text to enhance learning about infectious diseases. The visual presentation, liberally mixed with pop culture references, is aimed at learners who find medical information challenging to remember.

Purpose: The author and illustrator are building on their previous success with toxicology flashcards to create a book that is directed at students who learn and retain information more easily using visual cues. Many learners look for alternatives to traditional textbooks, and this may be an appetizing option for those students. The creators of this book have tried to make learning (dare I say) fun and I believe they have succeeded.

Audience: The book is designed to assist students (medical, physician assistant, advanced nurse practitioner, pharmacy) who wish to start their lifelong learning journey about infectious diseases. More advanced students may find this style enjoyable as well, if only for the cartoon designs. There is also an enhanced digital version available, which will appeal to a certain group of people as well.

Features: This book is not designed, nor intended to be, a comprehensive review of infectious diseases. It focuses on many common conditions and syndromes that healthcare practitioners might encounter. Each topic has one page of relatively detailed disease information, written in the same general sequence for each condition, on the left page, with a color illustration that depicts this abbreviated information in the cartoon rendering on the right page. The index is easy to use and accurate, while the suggested readings refer to major infectious diseases textbooks, guidelines, and other resources.

Assessment: This book is easy to read, packed with a nice amount of useful information, and quite enjoyable. Learners who crave humor mixed with visual clues will like this book. It will provide a solid foundation upon which they can build their knowledge base in infectious diseases.

Weighted Numerical Score: 81 – 3 stars

Thank you Dr. Czachor! Get your own copy of Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease here! 

The Word is Getting Out! http://klossandbruce.com/the-word-is-getting-out/ Tue, 31 Jul 2018 22:06:32 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=867 It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at Kloss and Bruce HQ! Check out our latest news!

Photo by Jim Howe, featured on HealthLink on Air

First up, listen to these interviews by Upstate “HealthLink on Air:”

What inspired Dr. Kloss to make this book? WHY did he make the book? Who is the book intended for? Answers available at the link above!

In-between writing medical textbooks, practicing medicine, and lecturing at conferences, Dr. Kloss also goes on medical relief missions organized by Health Corps Haiti. Listen in as he and Dr. Capogreco discuss their experiences in Verrettes, and the medical diseases they encountered. Real life experience with Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease!


Reviews are coming in for the Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease! Check out our latest two reviews on the Reviews page. Here’s a small preview to pique your interest:


New book is AMAZING

Just gorgeous…” Read the rest here!

You know you want a copy of your own! You can grab a copy on Amazon!
J. Bagatell, MD http://klossandbruce.com/j-bagatell-md/ Tue, 31 Jul 2018 21:29:51 +0000 http://klossandbruce.com/?p=864

I was in the CAB Bookstore, saw it sitting on the shelf, and was drawn by the title and the picture on the book’s cover.  The content is appropriate and concise, and the graphics are entertaining and educational.  Kudos to you and Travis Bruce for putting this together.  I wish I had this book when I first attended school here in 1989.  I am sure the information would have stuck in my head better at that time and I wouldn’t have necessarily needed 25 years of clinical experience (since graduation) to re-learn some of this stuff 🙂
-J. Bagatell, MD