Dr. Kloss is happy to announce that Elsevier will be translating Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease into Spanish this coming September. But that hasn’t stopped one amazing fan in Chile from reading and enjoying the book. Big shout out to our friend Pavan, a medical student in Santiago!

Here’s what soon-to-be Dr. Dadlani has to say:

Name: Pavan Dadlani.
Medical School: Universidad San Sebastián in Santiago de Chile.
Personal Info: I’m currently a sixth year medical student in a seven year program in Chile.

Comments on the Book: “The Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease by Dr. Kloss & Dr. Bruce is a must have. I’ve seen myself recalling the different drawings in my head, while being asked questions during clinical rounds, and because of this book, I’ve been able to answer them. Medical school is filled with a huge amount of information that one has to learn quick and in a short time, so this book is perfect to visualize infectious diseases, instead of trying to recall text. Another plus about this book is that each comic comes with a summary text box that aids in the understanding of the drawing.

I would definitely recommend this book to any Health Care Student and Practitioner, its the perfect aid for your everyday work, specially if you prefer learning through visualization than just reading long texts.”

If you are a medical, nursing, etc student, please ask your library about obtaining a copy for everyone to enjoy! Pavan, thanks so much for spreading the word. Please enjoy these pictures of our newest fans enjoying the book and sharing the love!