Kloss & Bruce: Medical Education through Comic Illustration

[huge_it_slider id=”4″] Kloss and Bruce combine real medical education with comic book style illustration to create beautiful artistic images to enhance learning. Realizing that many medical professionals are visual learners, Kloss and Bruce enhance learning by breaking complex medical conditions and diseases down into illustrated scenes. As children of the eighties with a passion for comic books, pop culture, nostalgia and humor, their illustrations exceed boundaries set by other medical illustrations. Irrelevant, provocative, and unconventional are terms that have been used to describe their campy, tongue-in-cheek approach to medical education. Their visual aids are colorful, comical and boundary pushing, all of which makes learning more fun and memorable.

Dr. Brian Kloss, a professor and emergency medicine physician and Travis Bruce, a talented artist, illustrator and designer aim to educate physicians, nurses, medical students and other healthcare providers using humor and comic book illustration.

First, Dr. Kloss pencils a rough draft of a medical syndrome, disease or illness and hands it over to Travis. Travis then draws out the illustration and adds clarity and color. The end result is a helpful educational tool, which is both comical and informative.

Dr. Kloss and Travis Bruce created and published their first set of medical education flash cards “Toxicology in a Box”, which has already become a huge international success. This unique and useful product helps other medical providers learn to recognize and treat over 150 toxic exposures.

To learn more about the projects that Dr. Kloss and Bruce are working on and to see a demonstration of the initial first draft to the final comical illustration, click here.

Their only request is that you loosen your collar, sit back, relax, and enjoy learning high yield medicine via a truly unique medium. Welcome to Kloss and Bruce: Medical Education Through Comic Illustration.

Contact Dr. Brian Kloss DO, JD, PA-C at Klossy007 (AT) aol [dot] com