J. Bagatell, MD

I was in the CAB Bookstore, saw it sitting on the shelf, and was drawn by the title and the picture on the book’s cover.  The content is appropriate and concise, and the graphics are entertaining and educational.  Kudos to you and Travis Bruce for putting this together.  I wish I had this book when I first attended school here in 1989.  I am sure the information would have stuck in my head better at that time and I wouldn’t have necessarily needed 25 years of…

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Scott D. Weingart, MD, FCCM

For the Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease: “Holy  New book is AMAZING Just gorgeous I really think you guys would benefit from re-releasing the tox cards in book version It is just delightful Will plug in a future episode Think a neuro version would be amazing” -Scott Weingart, MD FCCM EMCrit Podcast (Edited by the Kloss and Bruce team for *cough* language)

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Hulk vs. Hulk

Dr. Brian Kloss is living the dream! Author of Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease and Toxicology in a Box, Dr. Kloss met multiple personal heroes at Nickel City Comic Con in Buffalo, NY! Dr. Kloss says, “The Hulk is one of my favorite comic book characters and I used to watch the TV show staring Lou Ferrrigno as a kid.” Travis Bruce, the skilled artist behind Dr. Kloss’ satirical, pop-culture imaginings, transformed Kloss into a comic book cover with his…

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