For your daily dose of fun and zany, Dr. Kloss got a sweet cameo in the Upstate Medical University’s 2016 Match Day Video! Thank you to the video planners, and big congrats to the graduating class. Watch it below! Now shut up and dance.

And in case you didn’t have enough awesome artists to follow already, have you seen ZDogg MD’s youtube channel? We sent him Toxicology in a Box and he loved it! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look into making a song about the Zika Virus!

Beyond Toxicology in a Box, are you looking for more useful comics and illustrations that explain the effects of medicine and disease? Look no further than Medcomic! Dr. Kloss just recently stumbled across this one–and we love seeing other medical professionals who also want to teach students, patients, and peers with awesome (and fun) illustrations! And check out this great interview too!