In celebration for the completion of Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease, Kloss and Bruce went to Disney World!

They journeyed all the way from a galaxy far, far away, all the way to Duckland, and back again. Check out some of their adventures below!

Hard to make a quick exit when Force Choke is available option.

Just as friendly as he is in the movie!

Pew-pew! Pew-pew!

There was even a stop off at Pandora! Kloss and Bruce are mum about whether or not they found any Unobtanium…

Duckland was rocking! Klossy almost convinced Daisy to leave Donald for him!


Donald was too nice to hold any grudges.

Quick stop off in Neverland…

Before heading off to Frozen Norway!

Started to get a little tired. Asked this Wilderness Explorer if he had any balloons we could borrow, but he was all out. So we took the express train.

Pit stop for photos!

No trip to Disney is complete without a visit to Goofy!

Jamboree break!

He was Bear-y nice.

And that’s all for our trip! Thanks for joining us! Check out our brand new store page for all the great stuff we have to offer!