Doody Enterprises Expert Reviewer John S Czachor, MD (Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine) took the time to give our new a book a review! Here’s what he had to say:

Description: This book combines humorous graphic artwork with text to enhance learning about infectious diseases. The visual presentation, liberally mixed with pop culture references, is aimed at learners who find medical information challenging to remember.

Purpose: The author and illustrator are building on their previous success with toxicology flashcards to create a book that is directed at students who learn and retain information more easily using visual cues. Many learners look for alternatives to traditional textbooks, and this may be an appetizing option for those students. The creators of this book have tried to make learning (dare I say) fun and I believe they have succeeded.

Audience: The book is designed to assist students (medical, physician assistant, advanced nurse practitioner, pharmacy) who wish to start their lifelong learning journey about infectious diseases. More advanced students may find this style enjoyable as well, if only for the cartoon designs. There is also an enhanced digital version available, which will appeal to a certain group of people as well.

Features: This book is not designed, nor intended to be, a comprehensive review of infectious diseases. It focuses on many common conditions and syndromes that healthcare practitioners might encounter. Each topic has one page of relatively detailed disease information, written in the same general sequence for each condition, on the left page, with a color illustration that depicts this abbreviated information in the cartoon rendering on the right page. The index is easy to use and accurate, while the suggested readings refer to major infectious diseases textbooks, guidelines, and other resources.

Assessment: This book is easy to read, packed with a nice amount of useful information, and quite enjoyable. Learners who crave humor mixed with visual clues will like this book. It will provide a solid foundation upon which they can build their knowledge base in infectious diseases.

Weighted Numerical Score: 81 – 3 stars

Thank you Dr. Czachor! Get your own copy of Graphic Guide to Infectious Disease here!