R Crumb - Self PortraitI think this works really well, somehow — The artist, Travis Bruce, did a great job, I think, of graphically depicting these various poisoning crises.  The graphics are clear, lurid and humorous in a dark way.  The humor is a good thing.  It’s subtle enough not to belittle the reality of toxic poisoning, yet there’s just enough to lend the set of cards an attractive edge.  Be forewarned, some people, particularly people in positions of authority, might criticize these drawings as being “too grotesque” or too “vulgar.”  What one would normally see in a medical education graphic such as this would be either some very straight, somber drawings of characterless, generic humans in toxic situations, depicted literally, as on an airline “emergency landing” instruction card, or, you’d see something with cute and cloying, cuddly little characters, possibly bunny rabbits, in an attempt to gloss over the unpleasantness of the whole subject.

Thank god you have avoided the cuteness trap.  Don’t let anyone talk you out of using Bruce’s artwork as he has done it.  In my view he has handled the subject perfectly!  Please do send me a copy of the whole set!  This is a classic!

R. Crumb